Steam Sells Games It Doesn’t Have

  • How would you feel if your game was rendered unplayable by a lack of keys?

Imagine you bought a game in the Steam Halloween sale. It’s a game you’ve had your eye on for quite a while, but you’ve just not had the money to pick it up yet. Well, now you’ve bought it, and you can’t even play it because it turns out Steam didn’t have enough keys for everyone. That’s the situation some consumers have found themselves in.

Steam Sales are a great time for all, games get drastically reduced costs and many gamers use it as an excuse to exhaust their wallet completely. However, this steam sale has brought with it a terror befitting of its Halloween status. Some who bought the game “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” were unable to play the game they had just bought.

Blacklist is one of many Ubisoft games that requires not one but two keys in order to gain access, one for Steam and one for Ubisoft. Ubisoft uses their unique keys to track the number of games being sold through other online retailers and platforms. It turns out that Steam had enough of their own keys, but not enough of the Ubisoft keys.

Whilst gamers can install the game they are unable to actually play it as they are greeted with the message “requesting key…” and then “failed to connect to server.”

The issue was first noted on forums and Redding on the 28th of October, but even now 5 days later, the problem has not yet been solved. Of course, eventually, steam will no doubt get players their keys or begin issuing refunds but that won’t be much of a consolation for gamers who have been waiting for almost a week to get their game on.

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