Titanfall 2 Devs Disagree With EA-Run Titanfall 2 Twitter

  • Titanfall 2, set up to directly compete with Call of Duty, was it set up to fail?

The rivalry between EA and Activision, and in turn the rivalry between Titanfall and Call of Duty, is well known throughout the internet. But today, EA decided to step things up to the next level and the Titanfall 2 dev team Respawn didn’t want anything to do with it.

The ‘Titanfall 2’ account on twitter is run by EA and not the Respawn development team, which explains the two drastically different approaches to Infinite Warfare on the two accounts.

On the other hand, the Respawn Twitter account was taking a much more diplomatic and friendly approach to the new Call of Duty release.

Respawn even distanced themselves from the EA run account as the tweets continued, claiming that they had “nothing but respect & love for our fellow devs.”

It makes sense that the people at Respawn would take that route. When Respawn was created a few years ago it was actually made up by people that had been fired from Infinity Ward by Activision, so it’s understandable why the team would feel a lot of love for their former friends and home in the video game development world.

The vitriolic twitter posts from EA and the opposing friendly posts from Respawn really show the distance and difference between developer and publisher. EA care about money, and it’s no secret that Titanfall 2 hasn’t exactly been selling well. The PR department clearly seems to think that by trying to muddy Call of Duty’s waters the sales might increase on their own product.

Honestly, it’s always good to see development teams getting on, especially when there’s so much history as there is between Respawn and Infinity Ward. It’s a shame when PR campaigns get in the way of that.