The Nintendo Time Machine

  • The Classic Nintendo Mini is Pre loaded with 30 Games. Photo: Flickr

Time machines are real. Not too long ago, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda were the best things in the world. The Nintendo and Super Nintendo entertainment systems handled these popular games like a boss. Now, it is 2016, or maybe not. The presence of an 8-bit NES console in this timeline could only mean one thing, time machines exist.

Only a select few from the good old days will appreciate what it means to hold the Nintendo Classic Mini. Designed with the same philosophy behind the classic console, the Classic Mini comes with 30 games preloaded like Super Mario Bros, The legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. The Nintendo Classic Mini will cost £50, and the extra controllers (with very short cords) will cost £7.99 while shipping is reported to have commenced from the 11th of November.

Gamers have been going berserk over the last few days trying to get their hands on the Nintendo Classic Mini, with major retailers reportedly selling out. The perfect present for the holidays is almost extinct and now is the right time to consider getting one before the portal closes.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the most futuristic device of its time, transporting gamers to different worlds and providing challenges, puzzles and entertainment to many. The 8-bit system was the major breakthrough in gaming technology and paved the way for most of the consoles available today. There was no fancy AI or mature ratings like most games today; it was a system that was well suited for the family. The Classic Nintendo Mini brings nostalgia and pays tribute to the time, place and gamers of the late 1980’s.