• The light at the end of the street.

Oxford street will forever be known as a fashion haven, a great place to get inspiration for all the fashionistas, bargain seekers and sightseers.

However that also means it’s the busiest street in London . There are hundreds of shops restaurants and businesses in and around the street and neighbouring Soho.Even some of the fashion houses and magazines are headquartered in or near this busy street.

Winter season is a different story all together. Masses of people flock to the illuminated street every year during the count down to the holidays and new year. As the hectic streets carry on into the insides of stores and restaurant it can be appear to be quite overwhelming. The very purpose you went there for (shopping) may be a daunting prospect.

The appeal ?

Even the busy atmosphere can never distract from the sheer beauty the street has to offer. Every year has a new holiday theme with matching street decorations. That’s just outside! Stores also make special effort to decorate the ins and out of their store or business. So, even if you didn’t intend to shop you might be summoned inside anyway. If the queues don’t appeal to you, then there is no harm in sitting on a bench to or café to take it all in. Even have a look at the London winter street style and trends to get you inspired.

If your ideal shopping trip doesn’t involve moving through crowds of people it might not be for you. Still come anyway.

It’s a fashionable sight to behold.

Do you think it is Fashion heaven or shopping nightmare? Let me know what it’s like in your city.

    Awful, average or astonishing? You decide: