• Ronda Rousey Stars In Powerful New Pantene Ads That Honor Strong Women Everywher (Credits: Pantene Youtube)

Strong doll Ronda Rousey recently acts in an advert for Pantene.  The 29 years old mixed martial artist challenged the conventional feminine notion and delivers an influential message about the connection between strength and beauty. She says in a voice-over “Don’t hate me because I’m strong,” while throwing punches and kicks in the ring and shaking out her healthy, thick looking supple curls.

The muscular toned athlete who also moonlights as an actress in the movies like The Expendables 3 shows off her strong physique defying the society’s prevailing standards of thin malleable feminine beauty. Rousey embodies “Strong is beautiful. I’m not one without the other” and “strong is the new skinny,” philosophy in the worth to view advertisement.

The video is title as “Don’t Hate Me because I am strong” where in Rousey says, “People call me ‘Miss Man.’ They call me savage. But if you think fierce can’t be feminine, I’m about to show you what only a strong woman can do.”

Pictures of the wrestler swinging and twisting, limbs floating through the air, attest her view point, as her charisma is so potent it can almost be felt through the screen. Intertwined with shots of Rousey in dolled up outlook, looking alluring and vivid, the advertisement campaign shows us how a woman’s beauty can decide whether she’s working up a sweat or groomed for an evening out on the town. It also shows that a woman’s beauty can arise from the inside whether or not she has a work over.

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