I’ve always felt the opposite of the occurring opinions of black females in the fashion industry. The common thoughts of having to be ten times better at what you do, having to be more tolerant and also having to simmer down your blackness were just things that never registered with me. I had a totally different view on my position in the fashion industry as a young black female. I always felt being the ‘other’ played a big part in my growth and success. It became something I took advantage of.

Many brands tend to look for the other or the “token” person and I always played the game and flipped the script. And that is my advice for black females today who want to break into the industry. To beat the system you have to be in it. I realised by ticking every box, such as the afro-caribbean textured hair, the expressive, out spoken character, the natural sexy but cool style, all allowed me to divert more attention to myself because it just simply wasn’t the norm. Which is, in most cases, the European, girl next door, blogger or intern who has minimal taste and a polite demeanour. The more attention I got by being myself, generated interest and business potential. It also grew my confidence in just staying true to myself.

Use everything about your blackness as an advantage and a huge vessel of getting your foot in the door. You are not a common thing and that is GOOD. Just make sure you are smart and gaining a profit. Your blackness is valuable and any brand or business should pay twice the amount.

    Awful, average or astonishing? You decide: