The Best Italian Food is in Calabria

  • A View of Reggio Calabria (1990). Image: Mimmo Zema

Italy is well known for excellent food. There’s not a region and a regional specialty that’s unknown in the world. Italian food is popular and of high quality because it is rich in local and seasonal products. Italy is full of delicious dishes but according to Danielle Pergament, an American journalist of The New York Times, the best food is in Calabria.

The focus is about the relation between tradition and innovation with food.

“Food in Italy outside the well-traveled regions” is the original subtitle about Calabria of the extended article “52 Places to go in 2017”. About this Southern Italy region she wrote:

“Some of the best meals in Italy aren’t found in Rome or Tuscany, but from the southern region of Calabria. The toe of Italy’s boot is making a name for itself in food and wine circles, led by places like Ristorante Dattilo, Ristorante Ruris in Isola Capo Rizzuto and Antonio Abbruzzino in Catanzaro. Known for spicy dishes and much of the world’s supply of bergamot, Calabria is pivoting toward lighter fare, organic farming and wine made from local grapes”.

Probably around the world is known the traditional gastronomy but in Calabria the unknown food means mediterranean diet, authenticity, quality.

In addition, Calabria is known not only for the quality of food but also for cultural, historical resources (such as Riace bronzes), sea, rural hinterland, mountain, national parks and protected areas. So Calabria represents an ideal tourism destination for a global experience of travel. Discovering Calabria means live one of the most intense and significant travel experiences and learn about a fantastic region that offers sea, mountains, spas, history and culture. And food!