• Hadid in November 2015

For years, the modelling industry has favored girls whose facial structure is very contoured. While, us everyday girls have purchase every contour product we can to get the same look. If you aren’t guilty of this are you even a girl? The truth is we constantly feel as if we have to look like these models and their chiseled cheekbones.  When we shouldn’t have to feel this way.  Especially since everybody has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin or this case face.

However, the past few years have proved that chiseled is out and baby fat is in. Many models and celebs have taken the world by storm, showing off their beautiful baby faces.  A prime example of this is Gigi Hadid. Over the course of a couple of years, she’s become a worldwide supermodel, famous for her round face. Something which she embraces and uses to her own advantage. Then there’s Selena Gomez, whose round face made her one of most followed people on Instagram.  Both of these two combined have changed the idea of beauty.

In turn, helping girls out their everywhere feel comfortable in their skin. So much, that many people have thrown out their contour products and learnt to embrace their soft round faces. Opting for just blush and highlighter instead.  Something is to be said about the softness of a round face. Combined with the youth fullness that shines through, I think it’s a killer combination.  One which should be celebrated for years and years.

    Awful, average or astonishing? You decide: