• "Miledou", a sports program for youth in prison

Jean-Luc Agboyibo is a passionate basketball player. For him, the sport is a powerful tool for education and development. To share his love of football with the youth of the Ivorian prisons, he has created the “MiLédou” program.

“MiLédou” is the flagship of Leading Youth, Sport and Development (LYSD) program. This organisation uses sports as a tool for education and gathering.

It now includes twenty-five educators who mentor youth in the capitals, but also in the villages of Togo and Côte d’Ivoire, and perhaps soon those of Burkina Faso and Guinea.

“We’re taking young people from Lomé by bus play in the North, and vice versa.” They create links, grow together. They will form a network in which we won’t talk as many ethnicities, color…, says Jean-Luc Agboyibo. The goal is to make good people, basketball is actually just an excuse. »

Passionate about basketball, it is dedicated to the project full time, uses his network, woven for several years in sporting circles, to raise the first funds. Result: almost 30,000 euros are collected in the first year.

We can leave young people on the side of the road and hope that they will be fairly equipped to develop our country.

“Sport has real power. And basketball, in particular, advance Jean-Luc Agboyibo. Our goal is to have 40% of girls during tournaments. And you get there gradually. In Yopougon, very recently, we reached the rate of players, and these are they who have set the mood.

The Organization has now reached 100 000 euros of budget, and sponsors are increasingly numerous and varied, ranging from foundations to the banks, through SMEs wishing to improve the lives of the children of their employees.


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