According to some studies and feminist groups, women pay more than men for the exactly same product. Shavers, toothbrushes, clothes and even pens are more expansive when they are labelled “for women”, and sometimes the difference can be really consequent. The Forbes magazine claimed in 2012 that it would cost 1400$ more per year to be a woman, and still no difference today : even though some companies reduced the price gap, there are remaining disadvantages.


This is really nonsense : what is this obsession with gendered objects ? Does a toothbrush works differently if it is “for men” or “for woman” ? Unlikely. Why do marketing people want to assign a gender on an inanimate thing ? Anyone can use anything, this is not the role of markets to decide who can use what.

And if they still want to sell gendered objects, why some of them have to be more expansive. Is there any reason that when you go shopping you have to pay more or less because of who you are ? Is identity more important than quality ?

And even if you want to make a gender pay more, why women ? While this is a fact that they are paid less than men, now they should pay more because of a label “for women” and a pink color on the product ? Completely absurd.


The pink tax is more than a money problem, it is the reflection of a society that is still sexist; and neutral objects would be at least the first step to the gender equality.

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