• Karakoram Highway touching the Passu Cones and the foots of Batura Glacier

“Passu Cones” or Tupopdan, 6,106 metres (20,033 ft), also known as “Passu Cathedral”, lies to the north of the Passu village; it is the most snapped peak of the Passu region. It also has the high peaks of Passu Sar, Shispare Sar, and Batura in the neighbourhood.

Passu, a small village on the Karakoram Highway besides the Hunza River, is about 15-kilometer from Gulmit, the THQ of Gojal in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is about 150 km upriver from Gilgit.

Passu lies very close to the mouth of the Passu Glacier, and just south of the mouth of the Batura glacier. The Batura glacier is the fifth longest non-polar glacier in the world at 57 km. It reaches very close to the highway.

Passu Cathederal

Tupopdan, “The Sun Drenched Mountain”, also known as Cathedral Spires, towers over the small Passu village, which is a tiny bastion of human civilization surrounded by the irresistible dominance of nature. Passu Cones are enthused by its distinctive structural characteristics. Tourists have promoted the peak by giving it new names. Some call it “Passu Cones” and others “Passu Cathedral”.

Passu now provides many of the modern day facilities and there is also a famous resort named as Passu Inn from where you can enjoy the stunning view of full moon, if you like.

Passu is also a gateway to Shimshal valley which is known as the most loved place for trekkers.

Passu is beautiful, marvelous and breathtaking from its first sight. Karakoram Highway takes you near to it smoothly and you will feel the welcoming attribute of Passu Cones after about an hour long drive from Hunza.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Passu Cones once in the lifetime.

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