Gas Shortage in the Ivory Coast


There has been a shortage of butane gas since last week in the market of Bouaké (North Central), causing a surge in the price of this energy source – very popular in kitchens of average households in this country – noted APA on-site, Monday, in the second largest city in Ivory Coast.

At Bouake, in North Central of the country, this shortage which has lasted since last Thursday severely affected households but also taxi drivers who use it as alternative energy to run their cars.

The selling price of the bottle B6 (6 kg) commonly called “Currently” officially in 2000 FCFA is negotiated now between 2500 and 3000 FCFA, either an increase ranging from 500 to 1000 FCFA.

For Lady Touré, a housekeeper found in front of a store of distribution at the Gonfreville (Northwest of the city) District with its gas bottle empty on the head, it is time that the Government is involved in this situation because “it’s several days that I scrolled so unsuccessfully to replace my bottle”.

Replica “strongly that the Government place quickly to find a solution to this problem because for me and my family the gas is cleaner and more economical than the charcoal”, the annoyed area.

According to the driver of a butane gas distributor, who requested anonymity, this situation of shortage is due to “a delay accumulated by the boats of delivery of importers who are not yet so far (Monday) returned to the port of Abidjan”.

On the side of the Ministry of trade, according to our sources, there will be soon a regularization of shortage of gas situation.