Yes, that is the headline and no, you have not found yourself on a white supremacy website advocating Donald Trump and selling Swastika-themed headbands. I just hope you all understand the soul searching effort this list took to put together. So here it goes:

  1. In 2020, America will feel the Burn and spread it worldwide: now while this sounds like a nasty venereal disease it actually pertains to Bernie Sanders who during this past US election was and still remains a light at the end of a very orange tunnel.
  1. Who runs the world: after inauguration day the world saw women from all walks of life and all parts of the world march against a cat grabbing mad man, they started the resistance, they lead the resistance, and they are the resistance.
  1. And the Oscar goes to: We all know Hollywood is going to make a movie out of this, that Alec Baldwin is going to play Trump and that it will be the greatest movie ever made titled “Golden Showers: Greatness Raining Down”.
  1. We are all Muslim: once the Muslim travel ban hit the stand protests sprung up at airports, we saw the US court system stand firm and Muslims praying in airport terminals without any alarm bells going off.
  1. World peace: That’s right people Donald J Trump will bring about world peace, but only once the dust clears after the nuclear holocaust and the survivors gather together and say “Never again will we give a billionaire with a limited vocabulary and tiny hands the power to make world changing decisions”. So dig those bunkers folks and get ready to enjoy world peace after Trump.

Disclaimer this theoretical future may contain mutants.

Awful, average or astonishing? You decide: