Mombasa is a serene,low lying,engulfed with mangrove lined creeks with white sandy beaches and a sparkling azure-blue Indian  ocean town at the Kenyan coast.It is  483.77km from the  Kenyan capital Nairobi city.Its the first wider world contact facilitators  where monsoon winds allowed annual trading calendars where merchant ships from Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula would halt.

Mombasa has stylish,luxury,affordable,comfort and lively resort base and hotels easily available ideal for honeymoon,privacy, leisure,sporting,sunbathing, vacations,also its rich of natural heritage( flora and fauna) for research and also underwater exploring and much more.

Has diverse means of transport ,one may choose to land directly into its Moi International  Airport,or land at the capital Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and then en-route  to Mombasa by plane to the Moi International Airport or at Vipingo Airport.

There are various beaches at the Kenyan coast with world class standards hotels and breathtaking hospitality,they include Watamu beach,Diani,Galu and Kinondo among others.They facilitate swimming during low tides ,sunbathing and recreational activities.

However you may have time to visit the inland to places like Tsavo National Park rich with native wild animals ,also Shimba hills and Kaya sacred forest which host rare birds and preserve cultural areas consequently.

Most important are the historic sites like The Gede ruins in Malindi Kilifi county which is located 101 km, 2hours drive from Mombasa town and and a 2hours drive from the airport.Jumba la Mtwana is another historic site 21km and a 57minutes drive from Mombasa and 1hr drive from the airport Finally the famous Fort Jesus  which is along Nkrumah road in Mombasa town and a 39 minutes drive from the airport.

When you thing of touring, think of Mombasa its your outspoken ultimate destination!

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