Outraged Britons Condemn Terror-Scene Selfies


The heartless-selfie craze attained a new height of human outrage with calls for prosecution of offenders streaming from media coverage of the recent terror attack in the Westminster Bridge area of central London where more instances of selfie-obsessed witnesses of human tragedy took place.

The BBC and other major British media gave vent to expressions of disgust and horror in their live coverage as the audiences were stunned by several people taking pictures of victims of the terror attacks, completely unconcerned about their plight and the heckling of angry passersby.

One particular clip of a man brandishing his selfie stick for a shot at victims in ambulances drew a torrent of criticism including Twitter users saying it was evidence of “everything that is wrong with humanity”. Others said “that people think of taking photos of victims before helping them is absolutely disgusting”, “Those who are actually taking selfies and photos of injured people should be found and prosecuted,” “Someone lying injured on the bridge. Some bloke stood there taking photos not helping. Modern society. Shocking,” and “I do despair in the knowledge that people are too busy taking photos and selfies as others fight for their lives”.

The mindless guts of people whose first instinct is to bring out phones to record rather than volunteer help at gruesome scenes of human agony and death has been on display across the world triggered by the increasing popularity of phones with cameras and the frenzy to share disturbing images on social media. The selfie-craze has been taken to suicidal and other hazardous extremes by the afflicted. Perhaps the growing outrage will propel legal measures to discourage the craze in future.