• A group of young adults studying the Bible and praying together. Selective focus on the girl with red hair.

Being a born again Christian at a young age is quite tormenting and challenging. People of every religion can attest to this. Many young people would suggest that being religious is ‘uncool’.

Its said that if you bring up your children to believing in God, even if they diverge along the way they will finally retrace their parental footsteps. In my case, I was brought up in a family where my grandfather was a priest, my dad a church elder, and my mother a women’s honcho. Growing up in such a family made Christianity inevitable for me and my siblings.

Challenges presented themselves when I became a teenager and natural curiosity grew in my soul, as it often happens to teens. My desire to try new things ate me up but my ego turned me desperate. How could I afford not to experience some of these activities? My self-esteem was dwindling, believing that partying, drugs, and being sexually intimate were ‘cool’.

I ended up giving up living the ‘cool’ side of life. I started being friends with members of the opposite sex with who I could not have been intimate before marriage as it is a sin.

After my teenage years, I started perceiving life from a different angle. I stopped focusing on being ‘cool’ and I got serious with life. I ‘manned up’! I turned to the God my parents introduced me.

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