• The internals of a PC by Techknowbutler

Computer maintenance is a must for every computer user. About 40% of the world population has access to the internet, mostly through computers, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Therefore, it is important for users to understand the basics of computer maintenance.


You should regularly clean up the dust gathering on your computer because it can accumulate in those hard-to-reach places and cause long-term damage or slow performance.


Avoid the temptation to install software you know little about. P2P software and torrents should be avoided if possible or properly investigated before downloaded and installed. Don’t install software you don’t intend to use or software recommended by suspicious websites or ads.


Get a good antivirus with solid internet protection. Antivirus software provides complete protection for a price. They protect your computer from malware and other intrusive software designed to compromise your computer.


Software updates are a must to get the best out of your aging system. Updates come with performance improvements and the most current defence against hacking and intrusive content.

Maintenance Software

There is software on your computer that is designed to help in system maintenance. Third party software is also available for running diagnostics on your system and providing solutions to identified problems.

Delete Stuff

Uninstall unwanted software and temporary files to increase storage space.


Always back up your files; consider backing up your files to an external hard drive as often as you can to avoid losing all your data if the worst happens.

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