It has been shown that as years go by, knowledge might remain intact but stamina depreciates.

Sunday, April 2, was a happy experience with the long awaited Wrestlemania 33 in action. On the table were clashes of old-school vicious wrestlers who were mercilessly massacred by champions of the new age. 

The fearsome Undertaker, also known as ‘the Dead Man’, had promised to make Roman Reigns (Roman Empire) ‘rest in peace’ as an aftermath of the match. To his dismay, the youngster was prepared beyond his expectations and made it known that the Dead Man dug his own grave.

In a series of events, the furious Goldberg gave Brock Lesnar a tough experience. However, the tide turned in favour of Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg was also sent to the lockers as a loser by Lesnar.

The very popular Chief Executive Officer was disgraced by his own employee. In a clash of thunder, the magnificent Triple H was given a hard time by an injured employee. He stood his ground like a man but the young Seth Rollins was set to prove that the new age rocks. After a long fight with the old timer, Triple H, also banked his defeat like the other guys of his time.

Could this be the right time for the old chaps to call it quits in the arena? The zeal is still there but it lacks adequate fire to push them and give them more success stories. This is the time for the new age of wrestling to grace the screen and for new people to join the WWE Universe Hall of Fame.

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