The Success of Fashion Designer Jimmy Matsho


Designer Jimmy Thabo Matsho is a founder of JT Bespoke Couture, which is located in Benoni, South Africa. ‘Bespoke’ is an old term that was used to describe the most exclusive clothes that were hand- and tailor-made. JT Bespoke’s aim is to excel in providing high fashion clothes.

Matsho is originally from Lesotho but grew up in South Africa. His passion for fashion began when he was very young. ” When I was very young I used to play with girls and baby dolls, and that gave me an exposure of entering fashion,” he says.

He graduated with a certificate in Fashion Design in 2003. He also has a certificate in Business Management and he’s currently studying Bcompt at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

In his small company, Jimmy works with unique fabrics. His designs differ when designing menswear compared to womenswear. He said: “menswear is sophisticated, they don’t get more attention than womenswear. Womenswear is facile.”

Jimmy is inspired by streetwear and he’s always up to date with the latest trends. He is a Pinterest follower, an application that allows users to visualize and discover trending fashion and other things. He’s most skilled in cutting, garment construction, illustration-sketching, pattern drawing, and conceptual skills.

He would like to open a public shop that will showcase his designs by the end of 2017. He trains and coaches future designers on how to draw patterns.