The old culture of book publishing has always been that you have to spend more in order to tell your story. For that reason, many tales were left untold and because poverty has always been prevalent. Only those with full pockets have a leg up.

Someone once said that “the best stories are found in the graveyard,” and this is true. Self-publishing is the new means of telling a story if the old ways were too expensive. With technological advancements in modern times, people can type out their manuscript, edit and design it in the comfort of their homes, at their own pace. Everything is done according to the author’s liking.

Besides working at one’s own pace, the process is quicker. Unlike traditional publishing, where you could wait for months to get a publishing contract, people can now even sign their own contract. It is as easy as agreeing to the terms and conditions and then uploading your content. Soon after, you are already telling a story long in the making.

However, even great things have demerits. With self-publishing, other writers have failed to deliver quality reads while fighting to deliver a higher quantity. There has been a high rate of unprofessionally edited work that has lost all meaning. As good as it is, self-publishing will also call for committed writers who are serious about their work.

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