• The Dead man's accessories

Wrestlemania 33 was largely packed with great fun but also sorrow. The long-standing champion Mark Calaway, better known as the Undertaker, decided to sign out of World Wrestling Entertainment.

The legend had always been controversial in his appearances over the twenty-seven years he has been actively performing. He had been one of the vicious characters who was a cause for fear in most of the champions and only the courageous could face him in a fight. Mark Calaway was the real reflection of an undead man, with his frightening eyes, all-black outfit and the mysterious ways he would appear. Even though he was visually terrifying, WWE universe fans still loved him.

However, Wrestlemania 33 was the moment he decided to sign out and he did this by humbly dropping his accessories into the ring. Spectators broke into tears but to no avail. The Dead Man has made the decision to join his hall of fame stars and maybe mentor future fearsome wrestlers.

It could have been a joyous sign-out session but the young Roman Reigns complicated the situation. A few moments before Mark Calaway announced he was calling it quits, he was embarrassed by the young star. The Undertaker left his final game with a loss. The speculation is that the disappointment forced him to retire.

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