• The prison guards are threatening to go on strike

Ivorian prison guards are not happy with their work and life conditions because, as per the agreement signed in November 2014, their demands have still not been implemented.

Prison officials do not understand the indifference of the State authorities. “The authorities have committed to improve our working conditions in all prisons in the country, but did not always respect their commitment”, says Julienne Gueï, a prison guard at the Abidjan correctional facility (MACA).

Faced with this refusal, the penitentiary agents this morning filed a notice to strike, according to officials of Ivory Coast’s National Union of Workers of the Prison Administration (SYNAPAP-CI) to MACA, the largest prison in the country, located in Yopougon, a suburb of Abidjan.

“If nothing is done to satisfy our demands, we’ll go on strike April 26, 2017 for three days and this strike may be extended,” warned one of the union leaders.

According to him, the cause of the strike is the refusal of the application of the memorandum of understanding signed on November 27, 2014 with the ministries of Justice and Public Service.

This memorandum is about the revaluation of the risk and hardship allowances, administrative lease rates, and free public transport that are, among others, points of agreement not yet implemented by the Government.

“There will be no deferral or extraction of inmates and detainees are not entitled to visits with the exception of the very sick and medical emergencies. Let’s close all 33 prisons in the country”, the prison guards declared.

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