• Over 30 Manchester United fans electrocuted in Nigeria| Manchester United FC Badge | by Matthew John Bloomfield
  • Over 30 Manchester United fans electrocuted in Nigeria
  • Over 30 Manchester United fans electrocuted in Nigeria

Football fans watching the second leg of the Europa League match between Manchester United and Anderlecht were electrocuted when a high-tension cable fell on a viewing centre in Nigeria. Over 30 football fans have been reported dead due to the incident in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. Witnesses say the power cable dropped after a transformer close to the centre exploded just moments after the match. The cable dropped onto the roof of the viewing platform, electrocuting over the fans.

Football fans in Nigeria usually gather at football viewing centres to watch live matches via satellite television. Many prefer the viewing centres because of the arguments, jeering and taunting that can only be possible in a crowd. European club football is the selling point for viewing centres and almost every live match can be watched for a stipend.

Thursday was supposed to be a day of jubilation for football fans. However, it turned out to be a tragic day, leaving many dead and injured. The electric power authority has warned that buildings should not be erected near high-tension cables and transformers but developers and landlords have continued to flaunt this warning because of weak legislation. 

The match ended in favour of Manchester United after Marcus Rashford scored the winning goal during extra time. The Red Devils drew 1 – 1 with Anderlecht in the first leg and qualified for the semi-finals by winning 3 – 2 on aggregate. Unfortunately, for some loyal fans of the Red Devils, this would be the last football match they would watch.

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