Understanding the Violence in Macedonia’s Parliament


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The opposition has been overly cautious and aggressively pursued an institutional solution for Macedonia’s political crisis. Meanwhile, the DPMNE party, with its filibustering for five whole weeks, ground the country to a halt. Macedonia doesn’t have an executive or local branch to govern instead – which helped plunge the weak democracy into anarchy. And such was tonight, Gruevski showing the whole of Europe that his grasp in power is tighter than ever, cynically orchestrating this show of force while being on a trip in Vienna, on a conference with the EPP.

Meanwhile his lackey, the President, – which in every circumstance showed that he is not a President of the whole nation – systematically upped the rhetoric and lead to this embarrassing situation. Whilst blaming the opposition and the international community, he demonstrated strength to his base, calling for a meeting in his office and the ending of tensions after tonight’s incident. An incident that could have been easily avoided, if there was but a little of moral responsibility from the centres of power.

The end of VMRO is near, even Gruevski knows it. Yet with his dying breath, he clings hysterically – to no avail. By every legal precedent and according to the Constitution, the opposition has the right to form a government after collecting 69 signatures from the MPs, which makes a majority in the Parliament. Even the president has no prerogative or power to stop the will of the people who elected Zoran Zaev for Prime Minister. From now on, these games should stop and, with the help of the international community, the situation will be resolved in a civilised manner without any violence.

Macedonia is a small state embroiled in a lot of corruption, and it’s time for the new government to clean house.