Cats: A Fur-Ball Life


People of all ages and genders are interested in raising pets. This hobby has become a source of livelihood and income for many through the sale of animals themselves or their accessories. One of the most common housepets is the cat. The cat has been domesticated for thousands of years. Perhaps the most prominent civilisation that recorded their interest in this animal is the ancient Egyptians. They recorded this in their hieroglyphic writings on the walls of their temples.

In fact, countless books are now filled with how cats are cared for. There is much research and many studies that study animal behaviour and examine their capacity for thought. Animals are generally intelligent enough to analyse their current situation, including cats.

The world of cats and other animals is similar to the human world. It has been shown through studies that cats are capable of having feelings such as anger, sadness and happiness. These feelings can be observed through their physical movements.

Individual differences exist between different cats, even if they are both the same breed. There are social habits between cats among themselves or with other creatures. For example, cats that meet for the first time are not willing to be courted but may be ready to fight in the event of a very close confrontation and encroachment on their personal space.