Badrinath Temple: Vishnu’s Resting Place

  • Badrinath Temple | Neilsatyam (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Badrinath Temple

Out of all of the holy places, Badrinath is considered the most important for Hindus. It’s said that if you visit Badrinath you free yourself from the chain of rebirth.

Built in the 15th century, It’s believed that each and every creature living in Badrinath becomes Lord Vishnu’s avatar and gains moksha.

Located in the beautiful district of Chamoli, in the banks of the Alaknanda river, and in the midst of mountains, this holy place attracts a huge number of crowds.

The stories related to Badrinath are quite interesting: it’s said that Badrinath Temple is built between the Nar-Narayana Parvata mountains, that Vishnu resides here in the avatar of Lord Badrinath and it was said that he could even be sighted in Satyug. The temple is to be under constant transition in every yug, as said in the vedas.

People also believe that Badrinath initially was Shiva’s temple, but Vishnu was taken by the beauty of the place and when he asked Shiva if he could meditate there, Lord Shiva gave him his aasan and left.

Tapt Kund hot springs, located in the midst of the five shrines of the temple, amaze people on how the Alaknanda flows icy-cold across the temple and at the same time Tapt Kund provides their devotees with hot baths.

Badrinath is a pious place and provides a breathtaking view of the mountains and the river.

To repent for your sins, to gain moksha, and to release yourself from the infinite cycle of life and death, there is only one place to go.