Kenya: Live Snake Found in Cow Carcass

  • Kenya's Rift Valley | Wikimedia Commons
  • Kapkong'a villagers stormed Kapkwoni location chief compound to witness the miracle
  • The snake meandering the grass in Mr. Tenai compound. It was later killed and lynched.
  • A section of the death cow being slaughtered

Kenyans are still in shock after a living snake was found in the body of a dead cow.

The cow, that belonged to a local administrator, died mysteriously and, when the owner went to slaughter and bury the carcass, he made the curious discovery.

It all started after Jonah Tenai, the owner of the cow, noted that his animal appeared paralysed months into its gestation.

After consulting a local veterinary doctor, the diagnosis was that the paralysis was caused by the fact it was in-calf.

The veterinary officer tried twice to induce labour but all failed and later the cow eventually appeared to have healed, only to die a few days later.

Upon slaughter, a living snake was found in the cow’s neck region.

This has caused havoc in the development of a small village of Kapkwoni, found in Rift Valley, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

The village residents have resolved to distant themselves from dairy farming, which thrived in the area, albeit in a small scale.

The spot-check in the area showed that cattle-rearing is a rare practice despite its favourable conditions for dairy farming and other livestock husbandry practices.

One of the farmers, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that his herd died mysteriously one day and since then his attempts to bring it back to its former glory have failed.