Kenya: Youth Digital Training Rolled Up

  • Ajira Digital training workshop. Photo: Ajira Digital Facebook

The Kenyan government is taking a different move to curb unemployment among its youth.

Through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT), the government has rolled up an online digital programme aimed at encouraging youth to take up on an online career and earn a living. The ministry is seeking 10,000 young people for online work.

Joe Mucheru, the Cabinet Secretary in the ICT Ministry has asked the youth to sign up for online work training. Mucheru urged eligible young people to log onto

In a press statement, Mucheru announced that the Ministry of ICT will roll out introductory training for new online workers.

More Kenyan young people are expected to massively venture into digital business as the government enrols the digital empowerment training program next month across the country.

The Kenyan government, through the Ministry of ICT, says the Ajira gigital training workshop is going to help young people understand how to search and register for online work.

This is happening at a time when changing global trends in the labour market are evident as many young people graduate from school and fail to get employment due to job scarcity.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government through the Ministry of Education is also on the mission to create an environment for youth to embrace technical training.

Technical training institutes and vocational training centres now take centre-stage in the government agenda, both in national and county governments.

There are now on-going projects in Kenya where, in every sub-county, the government is building modern technical training institutes.