Kenya: Subsidy for Unga Group

  • Subsidized Unga. Photo:

Ugali-hungry Kenyans will soon resume enjoying their appetising maize meal as the government has subsidised the price of maize flour.

The Kenyan government has already announced that subsidised maize flour can now be accessed at major stores across the country and will be sold at a cost of Kshs 47 per kg.

However, Kenyans will again have to wait for the subsidised product to reach retail store shelves near them until the end of this week.

The Association of Cereal Millers has assured Kenyans that the subsidised maize will be on the shelves of almost all supermarkets by May 19.

The Association members have already loaded the maize for upcountry transport and its availability pace will be determined by the transport logistics in place.

Along with the subsidy news, the Kenyan government has assured citizens that the commodity shall become available to all supermarkets and retail outlets countrywide by Sunday 21 May at the latest.

Recently, Kenya imported 229,900 metric tons of maize from Mexico that were meant meant to cushion Kenyans from the rising cost of living that has made ugali a rare meal on Kenyan tables, despite it being a staple to many families.

The rise in food prices in Kenya is attributed to the drought that the country has experienced for the past three months. The impact saw maize flour price up from Kshs 90 to Kshs 150.

Meanwhile, Kenyans are also demanding that the government swiftly implements measures to lower the cost of other basic commodities, among them sugar and milk, whose price has also been rising steadily, beyond the pockets of poor Kenyans.