Ivory Coast: Government Urges Better Care for Environment

  • Ivorian Minister of Safety, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Anne Désirée Ouloto | Photo: Marc Innocent

The Minister of Safety, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Anne Désirée Ouloto, irrevocably advocates a change in the behaviour of her fellow citizens to better protect the environment that “is facing advanced degradation due to humans”.

She explained on Tuesday, during the commemoration of World Environment Day in the national park of the Banco, in the heart of Abidjan, that this is of utmost importance in terms of the impact of human impact on the environment. “We need to every day make efforts to contribute to the preservation of our planet (…), each one must take environmental actions”, she said.

Anne Ouloto, with this year’s theme ‘Get people closer to nature’, aims to be a catalyst to reconcile with nature by committing to its protection. She urged every citizen to become “a new Ivorian, an Ivorian eco-citizen who will engage without any preconditions to change their behaviour towards the environment for the better.”

The Director of Operations of the Programme of United Nations Development (UNDP), Luc Grégoire, said the agency aims to support the Ivorian authorities in addressing the issue of the environment for the benefit of biodiversity. “It is necessary to better manage our environment to avoid further suffering”, he said.

The representative of the Ambassador of Canada in Ivory Coast said that his country wants to join the Ivory Coast and the rest of the world in creating a clean and ideal planet. “The fight against climate change is essential for the protection of our environment”, she said.

Each year, June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day, established by the Conference of the United Nations on the Human Environment in June 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden.