Rishi Kapoor Slammed for Tweets on India-Pakistan Final

  • Rishi Kapoor and his son, Ranbir, at the 13th International Indian Film Academy Awards ceremony | Wikimedia Commons

Rishi Kapoor gets passionate in voicing his opinions about India-Pakistan relationship. The veteran actor is making headlines these days. He tweeted cheeky jibes about the India-Pakistan final a few days ago and various youngsters replied to his tweets, not in a good mood.

The match is over, and Pakistan has been the winner, but Rishi’s comments still split flames. He has even been vocal for sensitive topics like politics and the issue of Kashmir. This time, Rishi has gotten a series of replies from Pakistanis that were enough to make him realise that he should mend his ways in the future.

A couple of days ago, he took it to Twitter to share his thoughts about Pakistani cricket team. He posted some strange comments that caught everyone’s attention in no time. A large number of Muslims got back to Rishi with their opinions. Some of them called him an angry old man with no sense of humour, while others suggested to Kapoor to not cross his limits.

Things have blown over now and Rishi Kapoor has openly admitted his mistake. Last night, he shared a tweet in which he expressed his admiration for the performance of the Pakistani cricket team and apologised for his harsh words.