Feel The Buffalove: The Beauty of Buffalo Wings


Buffalo wings appeared in the American cuisine scene in 1964. They were supposedly created at Anchor Bar in Buffalo by co-owner Teressa Bellissimo, who improvised the recipe for her son and several of his friends after they popped in one evening. These wings lingered in the Buffalo area for several years before gaining national and international attention in the 70s and 80s.

The taste of the Buffalo wing is succulent and crispy. Deep fried, then covered in a vinegar-based, cayenne pepper sauce, they pack a spicy punch while also oozing with tangy flavour. Buffalo wings are traditionally served with a blue cheese dip and celery sticks to cool things off.

Recently, the perfect opportunity to show my love for wings came along. My friend and I made a trip to New York City in late May to enjoy the city and to see prog-rock band Tool. However, Dean suggested that we should review the finest hot wing establishments in the city. The documentary below is the result.

Armed with Dean’s camera, a mic and a rabid love for wings, we got to work. Bonnie’s Grill, Dan & John’s Wings, Best Wingers and Atomic Wings were the establishments featured, all delivering the goods.

Produced by Dean and hosted by myself, we have created an informative yet relaxed, tongue and cheek documentary on the best Buffalo wings available in New York City. We hope that you enjoy this small but special creation and that if you’re in New York City you attend one of these fine institutions and feel the buffalove.