Two Poachers Arrested in Togo

  • African bush elephant | Wikimedia Commons

On June 26, two people were arrested in Dapaong, in the north of Togo, for four charges of ivory trafficking, two honey badger skins, one civet skin, two serval skins, and a jackal skin during an inquiry conducted by agents of the Office of the Dapaong Commissioner in collaboration with EAGLE-Togo.

The two traffickers were preparing to deliver the skins contained in two bags, at a hotel in the city, when they were arrested by officers of Dapaong police.

Kampyabre Menobe, a butcher of donkey meat in Lomé and his little brother Kampyabre Kanfèngne, both of Togolese nationality, were arrested.

The suspected traffickers said that to cross borders, ivory is packed in a carton of plasma-screen television and the skins are packed in a backpack. All carried by motorcycle, they go to Togo either via Djambendi or via Cinkasse Pogno.

Kampyabre Menobe, the older brother, admitted that he was the seller of the products while the trafficker based in Burkina Faso was the provider and collector. Last year, a similar situation occurred in Dapaong, when four people were arrested for ivory smuggling.

The elephant is a wildlife species threatened with extinction in Togo. Ivory trafficking without permission is formally banned and punished in the provisions of the new penal code, the framework law on the environment and Togo’s forest code. If the alleged traffickers are found guilty, they face a sentence of six months to two years in prison.