5 Benefits Of Using A Bath Lift

  • Woman using a bath lift, image: Manage At Home

For people with a disability or the elderly, bathing can cause distress due to a lack of independence and privacy.  A large majority of people choose to invest in a bath lift at home because of this.

Here is a list of the key benefits for choosing a bath lift at home.

1.Safety first

Bath lifts are a very safe option. The lifts are waterproof and fit securely into the bath. They lower slowly, allowing you to relax and bathe comfortably without fear of getting in and out of the tub. Some models also come equipped with a non-slip seat as well.

2.Complete control, easy to use

Most lifts are controlled by a hand remote .Users can lower themselves in as far as they like without straining themselves. A majority of bath lift remotes also have built in safety features, as well as clear directional instructions for people whose fingers have limited dexterity.

3.Keep an eye on cost

Bath lifts eliminate the need for costly bathroom alterations, such as walk in baths and frames. They attach directly to your bath, and are easily operated by remote control.

4.Bath time comforts

Bath lifts can offer you a much smoother experience when indulging in a relaxing bath. Traditional walk in baths often restrict its users with minimal movement. Bath lifts offer you the extra support in lying back comfortably, allowing you to soak your aching muscles and make the most of your bath time.

5.Take back your independence

Most importantly, a bath is a great way to regain your independence. It provides an effortless experience to those who are suffering with mobility issues. Instead of having to give up baths entirely, you now have the opportunity to bathe at your leisure.