Tension over Kenyan Military rigging Claim


With just 8 days to the much-touted 2017 Kenyan election, anxiety and tension has hit the country following claims, backed by signed documents, by the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) that President Uhuru Kenyatta has enlisted the military to rig the election.

Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, and his deputy, Kalonzo Musyoka, released the bombshell on Friday 28th August, 2017, and have repeated the same in their series of rallies across the country. They said Kenyatta has sensed defeat and has opted to cling on power using the military. They also released the names of the military generals who have been tasked with the duty to intimidate voters during the election slated for 8th August.

Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) Spokesman, Joseph Owuoth, did not disown the documents, only stating that they were quoted out of context and that the army continues to adhere to utmost professionalism and the rule of the law.

But a furious President Kenyatta dismissed the opposition claims, accusing them of stoking tension in the country after realizing they cannot outfox him in the polls that has divided the country tribally as previous ones.

The allegations have stirred panic and fear in the country, with people shifting from urban areas hoping to find safety in their ancestral rural homes.

I cannot risk the lives of my family. Bloodshed is a reality during elections in the country. In the past two elections, I  have lost five relatives. I can’t risk,” said Peris Wanyama, a mother of four, as she waits at Nakuru Bus stop for a bus to ferry them to their home in Western Kenya.

No one is willing to concede defeat in this election, it seems.” She added

Scores have died before and thousands displaced over disputed presidential polls.