Salford Gears Up To Celebrate International Youth Day 2017



Young people are gearing up to bake, run, raise funds and celebrate the contribution they make to Salford for this year’s Youth Day celebrations.

Every year the city takes part in International Youth Day on August 11 which recognises all the positive things young people across the world bring to their communities.

This year, there’s an even bigger programme of 21 events organised by young people for young people and their community.

Councillor Lisa Stone, lead member for children’s and young people’s services, said: “Every year we make a film about some of our most inspiring young people. This year we will hear the amazing stories of a teenage asylum seeker and carer and a young man with disabilities. They have overcome challenges that would floor many adults yet they stay strong and positive, do well at school and give back to their communities.

“Alongside that we have a wealth of events from a day for families organised by young people with disabilities, to barbeques, picnics and events to raise contributions for local food banks. Young people will be showing off all they have done with youth groups, their artwork and even their baking skills to make the day fun for other people.

“I’m so proud of all the positive things our young people in Salford do for others and I wish them every success for Youth Day 2017.”

Events are taking place range from a family occasion at the You Can Disability Group to a Mental Health Awareness event

Events run from Saturday August 5 to Monday August 28. Full details can be found on