Brawlout Introduces Hyper Light Drifter Crossover

  • Hyper Light Drifter Joins The Battle!

Angry Mob Games have announced a new contender for their Smash-Like platform fighting game, Brawlout.

The sword toting, laser pistol wielding main character of the game Hyper Light Drifter has joined Brawlout’s ever expanding roster of Exemplars, becoming both the games first crossover character and the games first sword character. From the looks of the trailer the character will have a laser that does small amounts of chip damage, the ability to dart across the stage at high speeds, and a shield that reflects the projectiles of enemy characters- and does a small amount of knock back if you hit an opponent.

Though this new character reveal isn’t the only piece of news that the new trailer has revealed. Against all odds it would seem that Angry Mob Games have managed to get their platform fighter onto the console of the company that has created some of the most loved games in the genre, Nintendo’s Switch. If the trailer is to be believed the game will be coming to Nintendo’s portable home console hybrid toward the end of the year.

What makes this particular announcement so shocking and unexpected is the fact that Nintendo have been very quiet about the next entry in their ongoing Super Smash Bros series. In fact, as of yet, no official word has been given on when- or indeed if- the franchise will be continuing on the new platform. The introduction of Brawlout to the mix will surely give Switch owners the chance to sate their need for platform brawling before the next Smash entry.

The Drifter is now playable on the Steam version of the game.