Five Things You Didn’t Know About Marie Antoinette

  • Marie Antoinette, photo:

She was the symbol of French aristocracy and main reason for anger of phesents during French revolution in 1789. For her rivals she was selfish, unseriously and without moralty. Her name was Marie Antoinette. Although she wasn’t the saint, some critics on her acount weren’t justified. Here are five things you didn’t know about the last queen of France.

„Let them eat cake“ is one of the most famous quotes but Marie Antoinette never said it. This adage French people ascribed to foreign queens. Economic inequality in France during 17th and 18th century was in progress so French patriots thought that foreign queens were insensitive to their problems.

Before Marie Antoinete became queen, in France appeared political pamphlets and books inspired by pornography that portrayed the king’s mistresses. They also mocked Marie Antoinette. Portrayed the queen as women who sleep with her bridesman was one of the ways of the revolutionaries to show that the monarchy was corrupt.

The Palace of Versailles was dirty place filled with animals and dung. Instead of cleaning their shoes, members of royal family and aristocrats throw them away. Marie Antoinete wasn’t the creator of this culture. She had had more shoes than average Frenchman but wasn’t shoe geek.

There is paradox conneted with Marie Antoinette. She became famous because of dedication to luxury but prefered more simple things to wear. She designed simple little white dress which, ironically, has become the most desirable piece of clothing for wifes of French revolutionaries.

Thomas Jefferson said that Marie Antoinette is cause of French Revolution. This is another prejudice. The facts say that last French queen has adopted a Versailles luxury lifestyle. The French vault was empty and there were a numerous problems affecting the French economy but Marie Antoinette wasn’t their cause but scapegoat.