KENYA: Odinga Vows not to Recognize Kenyatta as President

  • Raila Odinga on the campaign trail. Source: National Super Alliance

Kenya’s main opposition coalition, the National Super Alliance, on Wednesday 16th August, 2017 declared it will not recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of the Republic of Kenya. Addressing the nation from his Nairobi office, NASA leader Raila Odinga, flanked by other opposition leaders scolded the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission, the country’s poll agency, for killing democracy and the rule of law through a sham process.

“This year, Kenyans excitedly voted in a peaceful election that even the most democratic nations in the world would have been proud of. But this democratic promise abruptly evaporated when those who wield power clung to their old, no-holds-barred script of rejecting the people’s democratic will and holding on to their rule by whatever means,” a seemingly furious Odinga said.

“Once the polls closed last Tuesday, the IEBC began streaming so-called provisional presidential results not backed by Form 34As as required by law. Yesterday, IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba finally made the stunning admission that the Commission was not able to supply all Form34As yet. This means that both the provisional and final results announced last week are null and void and that Uhuru Kenyatta was not lawfully declared winner. “He added.

Consequently, the opposition has vowed to move to the highest court in the country, the Supreme Court, to challenge the results, which it says has led to “computer-generated set of leaders.”

Violent protests have painted Kenya since the announcement of Kenyatta as President last Friday. The police have responded with brute force, firing live bullets at protesters. Victims have talked of their property being looted by the security forces while several women have reported rape. The Kenyan government has also intensified a crackdown on human rights crusaders questioning the results.