A Senegalese arrested with cocaine gets 10 years in prison


Nguenar Diuouf, a Senegalese was arrested at the airport in Istanbul with a large amount of cocaine in his luggage. After his arrest, she has been tried Saturday and sentenced to ten years in prison.

She will be deported after serving his sentence, according to judicial sources in mainly in Turkey.  The Senegalese diplomatic authorities, who have closely followed the case, did not expect this sanction. Because the Senegalese authorities have discussed with judicial officials in Turkish so that the Senegalese once judged, immediately transferred to Dakar. That was not the case. She will serve 10 years in prison in Istanbul in Turkey before being transferred to Dakar in Senegal.

It must be said that Nguenar Diouf is only the visible face of the iceberg. Another woman who presented as being Senegalese a heavier penalty not to say capital punishment.

It is called Dina A. and is 27 years old. She was arrested a few months ago for taking an active part in the preparation of the attack on new year’s Eve that left 39 dead in Turkey. She has been formally identified by investigators as an accomplice to the alleged killer, Abdulkadir Masharipov.
Dina was found in the same apartment as the suspect in the attack. She was arrested at the same time as a Somali and an Egyptian.

The trio had to join the Islamic State in Syria, where he has already stayed. With the killer, the three women had to excuse a family trip to exit the Turkey.