Girls Soccer

  • PR News Photo,image:Unequal Technologies

A new piece of soccer headgear which reduces the risk of concussions has been designed to help avoid parents footing the bill as the cost of medical treatment continues to rise.  The Unequal Halo device provides protective padding to lessen the risk of sustaining a concussion based injury when playing.

Soccer is big business, with parents shelling out as much as $2,000/year for club fees.  This multi-billion industry is promoting safety to the parents by touting soccer as a ‘non-contact’ sport and a ‘safe alternative’ to football and other contact sports.  But it’s not, according to concussion stats that report high school football proportion of concussions is 47.1%, compared with soccer’s 50% chance of concussion for females, according to the Sports Concussion Institute.  Parents and players know soccer is full of collisions, hits, impacts and injuries and need to protect their child’s head because kids are reluctant to report a concussion for fear of missing games.  This is evidenced by soccer concussions soaring 1,600%, according to a study published in the Medical Journal Pediatrics.

The doctor-recommended Unequal HALO is patented supplemental head protection for soccer that reduces concussion risk.  It reduces up to 75% of the acceleration to the head by absorbing, dispersing, and dissipating energy, all of which reduces harmful acceleration to the head, reduces force, thus reducing risk.  It’s design looks like a headband – but it’s so much more.  It is made of a military grade soft composite that’s been adapted for sports.  It is thin, lightweight, and fits comfortably on any head; just ‘place & play.