Cambridge Inclusive Badminton Festival

  • Cambridge Inclusive Badminton Festival, image :Power2Inspire

Now in it’s third year, the Cambridge Inclusive Badminton Festival will be getting disabled and non-disabled people playing sport together.  The tournament which is being held on the 23rd September by charity Power2Inspire at Cambridge University Sports Centre from 10.00am-2.00pm will continue to challenge preconceptions that disability and mainstream sport must be kept separate.  Over fifty badminton players are anticipated to be taking part in the event which will see players with a mixture of abilities competing against one another

Research carried out by the English Federation of Disability Sport and Sport England shows that disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive as non disabled people:
Only 26% of the disabled population participate in sport or physical activity.
64% of disabled people want to play sport in mixed ability settings.
Despite this disabled people often resort to playing purely “disability sport” or exercising alone.

Power2Inspire was founded by John Willis, a local disabled man and Cambridge University graduate, after competing with two non-disabled friends in a triathlon relay in 2013. Since then Power2Inspire has raised over £50,000 for charity and spoken to over 7,500 school children about sport, inclusion and ability.

John Willis, founder and CEO of Power2Inspire, said: “Badminton is a wonderfully inclusive sport. The lines on the court allow us to flex the rules to make it a fair competition, so whether you are old or young, disabled or not, there is a way to join in. I am looking forward to renewing battle with my para-badminton friends and non-disabled players alike. Bring it on!”

Sally Gibson, Inclusive Sports Festival Co-ordinator at Power 2 Inspire said: “The badminton festival will enable everyone to come together, and will change people’s perceptions to inclusive sport.”