Kenyan MP Wants Female Governor Raped

  • Governor Charity Ngilu. An MP wants her raped for holding divergent opinion. Source: Wikipedia

Violence against women may still be prevalent in Kenya, but for an elected Member of Parliament to call for the rape of a female governor is startling. That’s what happened last week when a newly-elected MP, Nimrod Mbai of Kitui East Constituency, incited his supporters to rape Charity Ngilu, the Governor of Kitui County.

In a video that has gone viral, the fire-breathing legislator, is captured warning Ngilu, one of the three female governors in the East African country, that should she persist campaigning against President Kenyatta for a repeat presidential election set for October 17th, 2017, then she would be sexually molested. Despite public condemnation, the unapologetic MP is yet to be arrested nor prosecuted by Kenyan authorities, a development that reverses the gains Kenya has made regarding empowerment of women

Maurine Akello, a lawyer and gender activist believes that those debasing women are emboldened by a system that has failed to translate political rhetoric into action.

“Every Kenyan leader would tell you that they have the interest of women at heart, but do nothing to bring to book those perpetrating violence against women or demeaning them,” she said

“The MP will not be arrested because he is a campaigning for the re-election of the incumbent. “She added

Even though the country has made strides in promoting the affairs of women, subjugation of women continues. Women not only get battered at home, but also suffer violence during campaigns for political leadership. The number of women who went against the cultural strain to win parliamentary and gubernatorial seats in the 2017 election rose to 29 from 16 in 2013. This in addition to the 47 women-only seats in parliament.

The increase, however, did not meet the two-thirds gender rule thresh-hold.