The Cost Of Football

  • Celtic Diary Friday August 26th,image:

Studies have shown that the average price of the cheapest tickets across English football has risen at almost twice the rate of the cost of living since 2011.

The average price of the cheapest match-day ticket from the Premier League to League Two is now £21.49.
It has increased 13% since 2011, compared to a 6.8% rise in the cost of living.
Year-on-year it is up 4.4%, more than treble the 1.2% rate of inflation.

A unique interactive tool that calculates how much in total it costs for football fans to attend matches has released data on the overall impact to fans. The tool draws on a considerable amount of research undertook into prices at grounds across England, Scotland and Wales, comparing the cost of seats, food, drink and merchandise for each team to reveal the cheapest and most expensive teams in the Premier League. Families, for example, can pay anything from £56 for their seats at Brighton & Hove Albion to £156 at Everton.
The calculator identifies further disparities for purchases at grounds. A beer that might cost you £3.50 at Burnley or Newcastle will set you back £5.90 at Everton. Scarves range from as low as £3 at Arsenal to £14 at Manchester United.
It also reveals which fans get the best and worst deals overall. There seems to be a North/South divide, with fans at Burnley and Huddersfield Town getting the cheapest deal on their tickets, food and merchandise, and Arsenal fans paying the most (although Manchester United and Liverpool are 2nd and 3rd highest).