Indonesia: Academics Should Cultivate Writing Culture

The Rector of Alma Ata University (UAA), Prof. Dr H Hamam Hadi, stressed that scientific papers in Indonesian’s academia are still lacking. Hamam hopes that...

Kenya: How Money Can Ruin a Giving Heart

Money can easily make one opt out of any volunteering to help the needy. This was seen during a recent function in Kenya where...

Blue Whale: the Killer Game

Everyone is talking about Blue Whale, the suicide game born in Russia that is now spreading throughout Europe. But what is really known about...

Are You a Social(Media)ite Mum?

“Mums spend more time taking photographs and videos of their children to share on social media than they do parenting them.”This according to new research...

Kenya: Youth Digital Training Rolled Up

The Kenyan government is taking a different move to curb unemployment among its youth.Through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT), the government...

Statelessness in the Ivory Coast

More than a million undocumented primary students will now have a birth certificate.The Ivorian Government announced this on May 12, resolving the situation of...

Begging in Senegal

500,000 children spend their time begging on the streets of Senegal. They are 4-15 years old and are exposed to numerous dangers. These children...

Building A Future in Refugee Camps

The UK population is 65.4 million. Imagine if, through no fault of its own, the entire UK was suddenly homeless, with no schools, no work,...

Burkinabe Children Centres in Dire Straits

As first reported here.Orphanages, nurseries and foster homes provide support to orphans, vulnerable children, and children in distress in Burkina Faso. In the city...
Malaysian Parliament

Controversial Sharia Reform Bill Tabled in Malaysia

A controversial Bill was tabled in Malaysia's national parliament yesterday that calls for extreme increases in judiciary punishments for those convicted of crimes under...

Female Circumcision in Guinea

Despite numerous awareness campaigns of NGOs, projects and programs, associations and focal points from the Ministries of Health and Social Action and the Advancement...

Dark Skin, Blue Eyes

It is uncommon for a black person to have blue eyes, especially in Africa. Blue eyes are more common in Western Caucasians. Therefore when...

Why You Need to Update Your Software Now

Software updates are files that contain fixes for computer programs and applications. Updates are not limited to computers alone but also include mobile devices...

Apis Cor’s 3D Printed House in Russia

Apis Cor a San Francisco startup 3D printed a house in Stupina Town in Moscow. The house was built in 24 hours using mobile...

Domestic Workers Lament Conditions in Cameroon

The precarious situation of nannies or house helps in Cameroon is now a major cause for concern that needs urgent handling by the various...


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