Millions of African and Middle Eastern Children at Risk

Conflicts threaten the lives of over 24 million children in the Middle East and North Africa, UNICEF announced today. Wars and violence in the...

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Millions of African and Middle Eastern Children at Risk

Conflicts threaten the lives of over 24 million children in the Middle East and North Africa, UNICEF announced today. Wars and violence in the...

Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls Return

The 82 Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram were recently released and were reunited with their parents for the first time in three years last...

Abidjan: Life Resumes After Mutiny

The economic capital of Abidjan and the main cities of Côte d'Ivoire have returned to normal with the end of the soldier mutiny that...

South Sudan: The World’s Fastest Growing Refugee Crisis

The rising rate of citizens moving out of crisis-constrained South Sudan to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries is now a crisis, the UN...

Why is War Still Raging in Syria? (1)

Why has the war been going on in Syria for seven years now?Location: Syria is located in a very important strategic area in the...

Understanding the Violence in Macedonia’s Parliament

Continued from here.The opposition has been overly cautious and aggressively pursued an institutional solution for Macedonia’s political crisis. Meanwhile, the DPMNE party, with its...

Former Taliban Spokesperson Surrenders to Pakistan Army

On April 26, the ISPR released a confessional video statement of Taliban spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan, who stated that the leadership of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan...

The Fresh Prince of Agrabah?

It looks like Guy Ritchie, director of the live-action adaptation of Aladdin, may have found his Genie.According to hollywoodreporter.com, Will Smith is in early...

Ivorian Prison Guards Threaten to Strike

Ivorian prison guards are not happy with their work and life conditions because, as per the agreement signed in November 2014, their demands have...

Togolese Teachers On Strike

This Tuesday, April 18, classes have resumed throughout Togo. Students are back in classrooms. But some teachers have not yet resumed their work. According...



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The old culture of book publishing has always been that you have to spend more in order to tell your story. For that reason, many tales were left untold and because poverty has always been prevalent. Only those with full pockets have a leg up.Someone once said that "the best stories are found in the graveyard," and this is true. Self-publishing is the new means of telling a story if the old ways were too expensive. With technological advancements in modern times, people can type out their manuscript, edit and design it in the comfort of their homes, at their own pace. Everything is done according to the author's liking.Besides working at one's own pace, the process is quicker. Unlike traditional publishing, where you could wait for months to get a publishing contract, people can now even sign their own contract. It is as easy as agreeing to the terms and conditions and then uploading your content. Soon after, you are already telling a story long in the making.However, even great things have demerits. With self-publishing, other writers have failed to deliver quality reads while fighting to deliver a higher quantity. There has been a high rate of unprofessionally edited work that has lost all meaning. As good as it is, self-publishing will also call for committed writers who are serious about their work.


BlackScreenTV was once a YouTuber with 29,000 subscribers. Now he has under -1,500. Yup, that's right, a negative number. YouTube is in trouble.The glitch is pretty simple. If someone unsubscribes from a channel the YouTube algorithm miscounts it as two un-subscriptions instead of one. If someone was to subscribe to and then unsubscribe from a channel over and over the person would rapidly hemorrhage subscribers, and that is what is happening at the moment.As of yet we do not know how long this subscriber glitch has been happening on YouTube, but we do know that subscriber glitches have been a problem on YouTube near constantly over the past months. At first people had noted that they were being randomly unsubscribed from the favorite content creators, whilst content creators were finding that their channels were losing subscribers every time they uploaded. YouTube always denied that anything was going wrong on their end.All of this does have to make us question how long this glitch has actually been going on for. It was discovered in the early hours of the morning by BlackScreenTV, but in truth we don't know when this began.Subscriptions and subscribers are the key, most important part of YouTube, and was arguably the thing that made YouTube blow up in the first place. If this is happening now, and may have been happening for a while, then how can we trust YouTube to keep an accurate count of our subscriber counts in the future?As for now, YouTube channels are rapidly dropping in subscriber counts, and there has been no response from YouTube.

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Water: The new Oil


The growing trend of healthy living has increased public awareness on the side effects of synthetic chemical drugs. People have begun to realise the benefits of herbal medicines. Currently, there us a shift in the pattern of community behaviour that increasingly strengthens the role of herbal medicines.This was expressed by the Vice Rector of Alma Ata University (UAA), Rosma Fyki Kamala, at the opening of seminar and workshop of 'Healthy Living with Herbal' at Yogyakarta last Sunday. Seminars and workshops were themed 'healthy solutions with research-based herbs.'According to Kamala, the development of science and technology has encouraged the use of herbal medicines. This is evidenced by the increasing herbal medicine market from year to year. "Moreover, the increase is happening not only domestically, but also in almost all developing and developed countries," Kamala said.Kamala explained that Indonesia has the potential to become a giant market for herbal remedies. Indonesia has more than 30,000 species of plants, 9,000 of which have been used for treatment. "In Indonesia herbs can be easily found and cultivated at home as a living pharmacy. This certainly facilitates access to health for the community, "she said.Some people are still hesitant in the use of herbal medicine due to lack of information and understanding of herbal processing. The socialisation of herbal medicine needs to be implemented in order to increase the use of herbal medicines.The UAA, Kamala said, is very concerned about the implementation of research in the field of Phyto Pharmacia. "Do not let our wealth in the field of herbal medicine be studied and patented by other countries," she said.


Why did the Conservatives release such a diabolical manifesto? Removing the triple pension lock, abolishing free school lunches, and a dementia tax (now conveniently U-turned) are many policies that been widely condemned.Among the plans to dismantle anything that could be seen as helping the "plebs", the Conservatives have also made sure to also go after endangered animals. The Tory pledge to ban the buying and selling of ivory has been quietly dropped. This comes after intense lobbying from the antique industry, led by Conservative politician Lady Victoria Borwick (president of the British Antique Dealers' Association and friend to Mrs May).A Conservative justification for removing the ban is that there is already an enforced ban on the selling of ivory from elephants killed after 1947, introduced in 2015. Hypothetically, no elephants would be poached as a result of the ban lift.The issue is that this law is not exactly enforced. A loophole means that dealers can claim an item is sourced pre-1947 without having to prove it. As a result, ivory from elephants killed as recently as 2016 could circulating UK markets if the ban is removed.Calls by PETA for the Conservative party to honour the ban have been ignored. The public reaction to the lifting of the ban has so far been overwhelmingly negative, with many taking on Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.Around 20,000 elephants are poached every year (one every 25 minutes) for their ivory tusks. African and Asian elephants are listed as vulnerable and endangered respectively by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.Conservation is now more important than ever, with up to 50% of the species at risk of extinction by the mid-century. It is vital that the UK sets an example instead of turning a blind eye.