Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is crowdpondent.com?

We are a digital media platform that seeks to crowdsource journalism. Rather than relying on the rigid channels of traditional media outlets, Crowdpondent opens up journalism to everyone and facilitates the publication of diverse, independent and localised accounts of news stories and other content.


2. Who is a crowdpondent?

A ‘crowdpondent’ is a person who creates up to date content in a professional manner. Their earnings are essentially decided by the readership, not a certain publication’s management.


3. Who can write and publish on the website?

Anyone can publish on our website. We only ask you abide by our Terms and Conditions. The rest is up to you.


4. Why 250-300 words?

We want all our articles to be concise and coherent. We want sharp writing. Most ideas can be easily condensed to this word count. More importantly, people aren’t always able to dedicate much time to reading. This way they will only need to spend two minutes per article. They will be more likely to finish the article and still have the time to read others.


5. What is Crowdpondent College?

A core underpinning of Crowdpondent is the idea that anyone with a smartphone, or even without, can become a journalist. However, this is a duty that carries a great deal of responsibility. And although we wanted to create a platform open to everyone, the content still needs to be great and reliable journalism. So how will we ensure quality while also retaining openness? Crowdpondent CollegeCurrently, our educational institution has three main components. Firstly, aside from our extensive written guides, we are producing a series of informative yet concise video tutorials. These cover all aspects of the journalistic process and teach writers how to achieve the standard of content we are after. This is secondly in tandem with rigorous and personalised feedback from our Crowdpondent Support team. And lastly, we have a fantastic and international community of writers who share tips and advice.


6. How is the payment determined?

The pay is calculated every month – For your articles to be eligible for a pay they need to have a minimum of 125 views. Our rate of pay is £8 per 1000 views. So this means that if you get 125 views you will be paid £1. We only pay for traffic that Google Analytics recognises as social media, organic searches, and referrals.

For information about withdrawing your money please see section 7.

Since the pay-out is determined on a monthly basis, by publishing articles continuously throughout the month, regardless of how close or far from the beginning or the end of the month, it increases the chances of a higher pay-out as all the views per writer are added together. Remember you will be paid for your article only in the month that you have published it.


7. When and how can I withdraw the money?

All Crowdpondents have a fixed reimbursement date. This takes place on the fifth day of each month. For withdrawal of your money you need to have a minimum of £50 in your balance. For more information, click on the pound (£) sign in the profile menu.


8. How do I receive the money?

Your money will be paid out using Bitcoin. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet yet, there is no need to worry. You can follow this link and have your wallet created in 2 minutes. For more help, use this link with video explanatory.


9. How can I maximise my payout?

Beside from writing high quality content there are few more things to look for:

  • The pictures you use in your articles play an important role in how many views your article receives, please refer to the guideline for more information.
  • Asking your readers to rate and share your work
  • Use appropriate Tags
  • Use the guide to increase the quality of your articles

10. Why do I need a Telegram account to write?

There are several reasons we want all our writers to use Telegram. This is not part of a lucrative sponsorship deal, sadly, but primarily, it is the fastest and easiest way to communicate. On top of being efficient and secure, Telegram means we don’t need to worry about cluttering up anyone’s inboxes – including our own.


11. What is 'News Wire'?

In order to encourage crowdpondents to publish articles about current events, CP chooses trending topics which are relevant to ongoing stories, and are potentially interesting for the readers.

Note: To give your article more visibility you need to enter the ‘News Wire’ tag, which is related to your article when publishing.


12. What is 'Infinity'?

We don’t want to restrict crowdpondents to our seven standard categories. If you feel your article doesn’t fit into any of these, it definitely belongs in ‘infinity’. If you have written a satirical piece of fiction, a short story, a poem, we want it for infinity. Just be sure to use appropriate tags so readers can find your articles!


13. How do I report spam?

We encourage you to always block any spammers you find. You can block the spammers by clicking on the report button in an article.


14. Why is my account suspended?

An account can be suspended for violations of CP Terms & Conditions, or spam investigations. You can read more about this here.


15. Where can I find out more information about CP Terms & Conditions?

16. How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other violations of CP Terms & Conditions?

Review CP Terms & Conditions section to find out what constitutes a violation, and write to us an email at enquiry@crowdpondent.com