Indian Spy Sentenced to Death

The Field General Court Martial (FGCM) under the Pakistan Army Act (PAA) has sentenced Indian spy Kulbhushan Jhadav to death for espionage and sabotage...

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Disabled People Living In Fear

Over half (58%) of disabled people feel at risk of losing their jobs and one in two (53%) have experienced bullying or harassment at...

Begging in Senegal

500,000 children spend their time begging on the streets of Senegal. They are 4-15 years old and are exposed to numerous dangers. These children...

Ivorian Prison Guards on Strike

Ivorian prison guards are not happy with their work and life conditions because, as per the agreement signed in November 2014, their demands have...

More Chaos As UK Snap Election Announced

Theresa May today performed a U-turn that shocked the nation, calling for a snap General Election on June 8. She had previously ruled out going...

Togolese Teachers On Strike

This Tuesday, April 18, classes have resumed throughout Togo. Students are back in classrooms. But some teachers have not yet resumed their work. According...

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Clashes in Toronto

A pro-life rally held at the Student Learning Centre (SLC) last Wednesday was met with harsh confrontation from pro-choice protesters. Some protesters disrupted the...

Burkinabe Children Centres in Dire Straits

As first reported here.Orphanages, nurseries and foster homes provide support to orphans, vulnerable children, and children in distress in Burkina Faso. In the city...
Cargo being loaded onto a United Airlines airplane

United Stock Plummets After Incident

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has finally expressed remorse over the forced removal of passengers from a flight on Sunday night.The 69-year-old doctor, David...

Free Eye Treatment for Ivorian Children

An ophthalmologic caravan for the Children of Africa Foundation has been organised to provide free eye care to 15,000 children aged 0 to 15. This...

Palm Sunday Massacre

Sunday, 9 April 2017, was a remarkable day in the Christian calendar worldwide. It marked the commemoration of the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into...

Indian Spy Sentenced to Death

The Field General Court Martial (FGCM) under the Pakistan Army Act (PAA) has sentenced Indian spy Kulbhushan Jhadav to death for espionage and sabotage...



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Indian Spy Sentenced to Death


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Crytek is a German-based video game company that was established in 1999, since then it has ballooned to six studios across the globe and multiple hit games, including the Far Cry and Crisis series, and that doesn't even mention their work on the beautiful CryEngine's over the years.But, if a Reddit post is to be believed, there may be something rotting at the core of Crytek."Crytek hasn't paid me (or my coworkers) for almost 6 months now. HELP!" reads the title of the Reddit post, submitted into the Legal Advice sub-Reddit.Apparently, this isn't the first time the company has withheld pay. Back in 2014 the company nearly went under water and was saved by delaying payment for the employees of the company.The Reddit post states that the last time this happened, presumably the events of 2014, they were told that it would never happen again but now it's happening all over again.The post also suggests that the employees of the company are afraid to speak out because they are told  “Thank you for your continued efforts through this difficult time” as well as "you don’t understand because you don’t see the whole picture like we do— wages are coming soon.”Furthermore, there has apparently been a breakdown in communication throughout the company where managers are not able to get in contact with upper management, talks are being refused and apologies have never been issued.It sounds hard to believe, but with Crytek's sordid past in regards to similar events this very well may be what is happening over at the game development company. If it is true, I can only wish the best of luck to all of those within the company who have not been paid.


It has been shown that as years go by, knowledge might remain intact but stamina depreciates.Sunday, April 2, was a happy experience with the long awaited Wrestlemania 33 in action. On the table were clashes of old-school vicious wrestlers who were mercilessly massacred by champions of the new age. The fearsome Undertaker, also known as 'the Dead Man', had promised to make Roman Reigns (Roman Empire) 'rest in peace' as an aftermath of the match. To his dismay, the youngster was prepared beyond his expectations and made it known that the Dead Man dug his own grave.In a series of events, the furious Goldberg gave Brock Lesnar a tough experience. However, the tide turned in favour of Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg was also sent to the lockers as a loser by Lesnar.The very popular Chief Executive Officer was disgraced by his own employee. In a clash of thunder, the magnificent Triple H was given a hard time by an injured employee. He stood his ground like a man but the young Seth Rollins was set to prove that the new age rocks. After a long fight with the old timer, Triple H, also banked his defeat like the other guys of his time.Could this be the right time for the old chaps to call it quits in the arena? The zeal is still there but it lacks adequate fire to push them and give them more success stories. This is the time for the new age of wrestling to grace the screen and for new people to join the WWE Universe Hall of Fame.


BlackScreenTV was once a YouTuber with 29,000 subscribers. Now he has under -1,500. Yup, that's right, a negative number. YouTube is in trouble.The glitch is pretty simple. If someone unsubscribes from a channel the YouTube algorithm miscounts it as two un-subscriptions instead of one. If someone was to subscribe to and then unsubscribe from a channel over and over the person would rapidly hemorrhage subscribers, and that is what is happening at the moment.As of yet we do not know how long this subscriber glitch has been happening on YouTube, but we do know that subscriber glitches have been a problem on YouTube near constantly over the past months. At first people had noted that they were being randomly unsubscribed from the favorite content creators, whilst content creators were finding that their channels were losing subscribers every time they uploaded. YouTube always denied that anything was going wrong on their end.All of this does have to make us question how long this glitch has actually been going on for. It was discovered in the early hours of the morning by BlackScreenTV, but in truth we don't know when this began.Subscriptions and subscribers are the key, most important part of YouTube, and was arguably the thing that made YouTube blow up in the first place. If this is happening now, and may have been happening for a while, then how can we trust YouTube to keep an accurate count of our subscriber counts in the future?As for now, YouTube channels are rapidly dropping in subscriber counts, and there has been no response from YouTube.

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Jahaz Banda is a lush green and peaceful hill station in the upper spreads of Kumrat Valley, in the Upper Dir District of Pakistan. It is situated at an altitude of 3,100m above sea level. The region is surrounded by snow-dressed mountains, lofty trees and filled with green prairies.The main road lingers on north up the upper Dir and reaches the village of Darwaza, where the road branches off and enters into Lamoti village then to Jandrai village through a jeepable road and a trek until Jahaz Banda.Kumrat is one of the scenic valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and a picturesque spot for travellers. Every summer, thousands of tourists from around the globe visit here and enjoy the greenery and cool weather.The weather of the valley is alpine and mild, cool summers are common. Average temperature ranges from 20 to 25 °C. In winter the temperature drops to -4 to -10 °C due to heavy snowfall.Kumrat is a popular picnic and camping spot. Most people bring their own tents and pitch for lodging. The valley provides options for mountaineering, trekking, rock-climbing, and a base camp for a hike to the glacial Katora Lake. Jahaz Banda, Patrak, Kalkot, Lamutai, Seri and Thal are all popular spots.Many of the medicinal plants are found there like atropa belladroma and artemisa martima. The most abundant fruit trees are walnuts, amluke mulberries, chilgoza, and cherry. Animals common in the area are brown bears, snow leopards, monkeys, porcupines, deer, jackals and other mountainous species.