The internet is already filled with news outlets, so why do we need another one?
A good question! Well, the essence of Crowdpondent is in storytelling. Every story has - naturally - many perspectives. But coverage is usually left to traditional media institutions. They tend to report on such stories in a professional and coherent way but we believe there is still a gap. The people actually living these stories are not the ones writing about them.

Our vision is to bring together people from across the world to tell their story.
We want to harness the power of the crowd to generate innovative insights,
out-of-the-box ideas, and unique perspectives. All of this not only compliments the major news stories we read, but it is essential to better understand the world we live.

However, to truly harness this power, an innovative approach to journalism is necessary. Crowdpondent is not structured like any other publication. There is no editorial team. It is our readers who are Editors-in-Chief. It is the crowd who decides what content is produced, how good the content is and, since good journalism should not be voluntary, how much the contributors should be remunerated.

But it doesn’t stop there. We have already created an international community of writers who can come together and share their insights. This community also helps innovate the website and provide ideas. It truly is a crowd project.

Although, we are still a very open and creative platform, our core mission is still this: Journalism is reputed to be the first draft of history. It is therefore vital that the people actually living it contribute facts and knowledge that may have been neglected. Ultimately, this will help complete our understanding of the world we live in.